Outside temperature
Barometric pressure
Wind direction
Outside humidity
Wind speed
Gust speed
Latitude: 61° 16.20' N
Longitude: 008° 05.40' E
Altitude: 1050 meters
Station uptime: 0 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes
Server uptime: 4 days, 17 hours, 45 minutes

This website is built following the description below. It has been up an running some years, but due to an unstable weather station (Ambient WS 2090) historic data may be missing. In 2016 the weather station was replaced with a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station, Unfortunately this weather station had a defect anemometer which will be replaced early 2017 .

How it's done

This website summarises weather data logged by a weather station using the polished and highly customisable Weewx software (version 3.5.0). Weewx downloads a data record from the weatherstation every 5 minutes and stores it in an archive database. It also creates all the graphs and webpages which are uploaded to the website every 5 minutes.

This website uses a custom skin which uses Bootstrap to deal with most of the layout and presentation. The gauges and the history tables are generated by Python scripts which hook into Weewx.

The code for gauge rendering (gaugeengine.py) and history table generation (historygenerator.py) can be found on github: github.com/brewster76/fuzzy-archer

Web content is stored in public_html/Bootstrap.

The easiest way to install this skin is to download the source archive from GitHub: v2.1.tar.gz, and use the Weewx installer to unpack it:

setup.py --extension --install [wherever you've put v2.1.tar.gz]

Set the page title and footer through the [BootstrapLabels] section in skins/Bootstrap/skin.conf.